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CSA, Inc. at Monterey County Department of Social Services

The presence of uniformed security officers at a public building or establishment is a measure that organizations take to show their clients, customers, and employees that safety and security are priorities for anyone who walks through the doors. The County of Monterey has taken those steps at the Monterey County Department of Social Services (MCDSS) office located in Salinas, California. If you have visited or passed by MCDSS, you have likely seen the CSA, Inc. team of officers in and outside of the building and patrolling the parking lot. Safety is important to CSA, Inc., and our officers use their training to discretely and professionally identify potential safety concerns, deescalate situations, focus on security with emphasis on customer service, and partner and collaborate with MCDSS staff and local law enforcement when necessary. CSA, Inc. Lt. Nick Kennett shares that “officers selected to work this site must display an elevated level of professionalism, be able to act quickly and decisively, and be customer friendly under all circumstances. They are the unsung heroes of MCDSS.” Thank you to the CSA, Inc. team at MCDSS!

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