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Condor Security is prepared to meet your needs and respond for life threatening situations requiring extra protection from specially trained officers of the Special Response Team (S.R.T.) Unit.

As always, the S.R.T. communicates and cooperates with local law enforcement to ensure the highest safety possible. We are discrete and in control of daily operations.  When reporting incidents, our filed reports meet DARS and HIPPA guidelines (medical treatment centers or hospitals) and are written to be admissible in court. Our officers are highly trained to handle emotionally or traumatized patients with patience, skill and professionalism.

All of Condor Security senior leadership officers have either extensive military and law enforcement experience. Many US veteran officers have Special Forces experience. Many officers from the law enforcement background have served on LAPD / SWAT teams. We are knowledgeable and competent to operate in all situations following state and federal guidelines.

Our armed and ready S.R.T. force is comprised of highly trained individuals who have experience and can control high stress environments or situations. Our highly trained officers can “talk down” and diffuse a situation or negotiate with hostage takers.  If the threat escalates, our officers are prepared for successful hand-to-hand combat and /or the use of deadly force. Potential situations requiring the S.R.T. extra protection include:

  • Confidential Security Analysis: All types of Facilities (state agencies, subsidized, private agencies)

  • Executive Protection: Fully trained Body Guards, licensed to carry weapons

  • Kidnap Situations

  • Restoring Order in Traumatic Medical Facilities: mental health, hospital ER, opiate treatment centers

  • Armed Officer security backup (or on standby) to support /assist unarmed facility officers currently in place


If you feel the threat, contact Condor Security today, we are ready to serve.