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The G8 Pro V2 combines a unique array of non-lethal tools to revolutionize a guard’s response to threatening situations. As a result, the Pro V2 protects not only guards but also the security administrators, the companies they work for and the subjects, too.


The G8 Pro V2’s inherent risk mitigation capabilities are further enhanced through the unit’s on-board Command Center Communication Link and Incident Recording Capabilities. Through the Pro V2’s Bluetooth® technology, guards access push-to-talk connectivity with support personnel. Audio and still images are automatically captured and stored every time the unit is armed.

Silvertrac is the unparalleled real time security reporting software solutions leader. It is the first company to pioneer the very conception, creation, and developmental progression of real time security reporting innovations and applications in the industry. Silvertrac Software is unique and is the most powerful web-based information, incident, and data gathering tool available. It is a team management solution for the comprehensive recording and resolution of tasks and issues with multiple industry specific and vertical applications. Silvertrac software is intuitive and user friendly on every level of use. It is completely customizable and easily configures to the unique needs of each client and a wide range of distinctive locations with specific reporting requirements.


Visit http://www.silvertracsoftware.com/ for more information regarding their product and available resources.

eHub allows field-based managers to utilize important scheduling and management tools while on-the-go. eHub provides a secure connection between the field and the office for quick responses to scheduling and timekeeping, and tracking of information for reporting. Additionally, Field-based managers will be able to fill open shifts and complete and sign-off on inspections through the web or mobile application. 
Employees can easily engage with the mobile app, all while being more environmentally friendly. On the eHub application, employees can view schedules, job information for their assigned site, accept open shift offers, and clock in and out of their schedules. 


Mobile Time & Attendance

• Clocking in and out • Time accrual • Costing setup • Review employees on the clock • Request and approve time off

Unlike other companies that offer time & attendance services, Team Software specializes in providing services for the security industry.  This in return, allows security companies like CSA help manage schedules by sites and departments rather than by employee.